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@TeamPing is proud to bring you "Ping It!" by @kyran. This is a browser extension for Google Chrome and Heello.com, and we think you'll enjoy it. It's available here.

Say you're browsing your favorite website and you see something that makes you just want to ping. We've all been there, right? Just click on the P.it icon in Chrome, and you'll see the Ping It! window appear. It'll even have a web link prepopulated, so you can show the world what made you need to ping!

You can always delete the web link in the ping, but either way, when you're done composing your thoughts, hit the Enter key. The Heello world will find out what you think soon enough.

Hope you enjoy, and stay tuned to TeamPing for more great tools and resources.  (NOTE - we may also release versions of this tool for other browsers soon.)


08/19/2011 05:22

Nice Extension! And cool link shortening, love this detail, made me lough ;) Keep going!


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